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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mark, in the process of earning his first DUI. Oops!

Friends don't let friends drive zebras drunk.

Much like his attempt at ballet, Mark's stint in womens' wrestling was short, but sweet.

Nancy "Atom-Blonde Explosion"Johnson screams in agony as "Wham Bam, Thank You Mam Mark" lands a 15 foot turnbuckle jump between her shoulderblades.

Husbands and fathers in the audience woke up for a moment- Mark's ballet performance was as cathartic as it was brief.

Mark's new job as babysitter and personal slave to Gene Simmon's estranged, brat grandson leads to great humiliation in new and exotic places

Photo bombs, Mark-Style

Mark finds a shrink ray; wastes no time taking full advantage of being very small.

Mark interrupts a highschool wrestling match. Referee is too stunned to intervene.

Attempted photo bomb of beautiful wedding ceremony in a field. Misses the flower girl and lands in a gopher hole. Wedding party refuses to help him up.

Successful destruction of douchy photo attempt, later at the reception.

Mark is his own greatest competition in the contest of beauty.

Markistry of Silly Walks

John Cleese, eat your heart out.

Shaving Fail

Whoops.. ah, hm.

Mark lands a job at Nerf Enterprises.

I'm including the stock photo here because I think it's equally hilarious.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He Hungers!

Blogspot doesn't support storing animated gifs, so this one is on my comcast space. If anyone wants to post an animated gif you can e-mail me the file and I'll host it there.